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[Digital] Internet Inter-Connection and OGP – Net Neutrality and Free Speech 2.0
  • Dec 16, 2021
  • 09:00 - 10:30 KST
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Sungjoon Moon

통역 목소리를 조금 늘려 주 실 수 있나요?

Tareq Dawguily


Session Description

Session Organizer
Korea University Law School’s Internet Law Clinic, Open Net Association

The internet is different from telephone or postal services.  The product called the internet is inherently global and cannot be sold to even one person without covering the whole world - There is no one buying, for instance, ‘Korea-only internet’ - and such coverage requires transactions with hundreds of ISPs. If these ISPs settle for sending or receiving data, the transaction costs alone will break down the internet. So the prevailing rule is that ISPs will not charge one another for delivery but will only pay to inter-connect. Thanks to this rule, we have left the world where we have to incur exorbitant costs to make international phone calls and entered a new world where hundreds can join a Zoom call exchanging hours of video and voice nearly for free. 
Such nature of the internet is crucial to OGP.  The government and people rely on the internet to scale to the massive any-to-any communication needed for civil participation, open data, and community empowerment.
However, whether Korea’s and Indonesia’s net neutrality rules and interconnection rules are activating or suppressing the merits of the internet is a question that we will discuss through this session with ramifications on the rest of Asia with the following experts:
Michael Nelson, Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Damar Juniarto, Executive Director, Southeast Asian Freedom of Expression Network
Alissa Starzak, Vice President, Head of Global Public Policy, Cloudflare 
Kyung Sin Park, Professor, Korea University Law School; Open Net Association (moderator)
Hyun Kyung Kim, Professor, Seoul National Institute of Science and Technology