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1. How to participate and communicate

You can participate in Open Agora after logging in and making your profile public.
Without logging in, you can only view posts and comments.

  • Post

    Use text and images to share your opinion.
    You can share open government case studies or propose policies.
    You can also communicate with other participants in the comment section to look for solution together.

  • Support

    When you spot a great suggestion or find someone with a similar idea, click the Support button to
    show your support.

  • Comment

    Leave comments to share your opinion.

2. Post Process

  • Login

    Click on the [Login] button at the top right corner

  • Write posts

    Click on [Create a post] to write and upload a post

  • Review posts

    If you want to review or edit your posts, use the ‘Author’ filter in the Open Agora [search bar] to look for your name

  • Edit posts and read comments

    Click on your post and then on [Details Page] to edit the post and read comments

3. Rules to keep in mind

OGP respects the diversity of expression.
At the same time, we have the following rule based on 2021 OGP Global Summit ‘Terms of Use’.

  • 1) Inappropriate promotion/spam postings

    • Continuous/repeated posting of the same/similar content, etc.
    • In case of posting unnecessary or unauthorized advertisements or promotional materials, or sending junk or spam mails
  • 2) Defamation, invasion of privacy and copyright Infringement

    • In case of stealing another registered user’s ID or password
    • In the case of content that slanders or damages the reputation of other users or third parties
    • In case of content that infringes on the copyright or other rights of a third party
  • 3) Content that is obscene or inappropriate for minors

    • In case of planning or executing activity that undermines public order or social morals, such as encouraging speculative acts or posting lewd or obscene materials
  • 4) Content that contains illegal or inappropriate information

    • If the content is recognized as being related to a criminal act
    • Content that divulges trade secrets or state secrets classified according to laws and regulations
  • 5) Content that discloses personal information

    • In case of damaging others’ information processed, stored, and transmitted through telecommunications networks or engaging in any activity of collecting, storing, infringing, stealing or leaking personal information of others in an unauthorized manner
  • 6) Profanity or speech promoting disrespect for life, hatred or discrimination

    • Content that uses swear words directly or indirectly, making people feel insulted
    • Content that promotes disrespect for or degrade of life
    • Hate speech that dehumanizes people based on class, region, religion, gender, etc.
    • Expressions of contempt regarding physical traits, appearance, taste, etc.
  • 7) Others (violating Terms of Use or relevant laws)

User Content that has been confirmed as violating the preceding paragraph or that has been reported as violating the same in excess of a certain number of times shall be automatically deleted on a temporary basis and may be restored if the User responsible for its creation successfully establishes that such User Content does not violate the preceding paragraph.