Open Government Forum Korea is a multi-stakeholder working group that
brings the government and civil society organizations together to co-create policy initiatives for the implementation
of open government in Korea.

Of Open
Forum Korea

"Rules on the Establishment and Operation of the Open Government Forum Korea", Prime Minister Directive No. 790, August, 2021
A domestic OGP public-private consultation body
Appointed by
Minister of the Interior and Safety
Members with two co-chairs
- ex officio (2), members from government agencies (6), members from civil society organizations (22)
※ Co-chairs: Deputy Minister of the Interior and Safety and an elected representative from civil society
Provide advice on establishing a Action Plan for open government, spreading the values of and raising awareness of open government, collecting public opinions on open government policies and promoting public engagement

Open Government
Action Plan

Background of the Open Government Action Plan

OGP member countries are obliged to co-create and implement a two-year action plan containing open government commitments (about 15) with the engagement of civil society ※ Korea created five Action Plans after joining OGP in 2011.

Process of developing a Action Plan for Open Government

Open government policy commitments are identified under the leadership of the “Open Government Forum Korea,” a domestic public-private consultation group, and final commitments are selected through consultation among relevant government bodies.

Creation Process for the 5th
Action Plan

  • Planning : Basic direction was set to focus on four areas: digitization and openness, anti-corruption, fiscal transparency and participation and social values (March 2020)
  • Commitments identification : Suggestions were received from citizens through a call for proposal (April 2020)
  • Development of commitments: A task force consisting of four groups was formed to develop individual action plans (April 2020)
  • Deliberation and decision-making: To be approved at the 7th meeting in writing (July 6 - 12, 2021)

List of Commitments

In line with the co-chair visions, six ministries participatedand fourteen commitments were selected.

OGP Co-chair visions Commitments Lead Implementing Agency

Civic Space
and Public

1. Engage youth in policy making and strengthen overseas networking Ministry of the Interior and Safety
2. Promote the engagement of the underprivileged and their representation Ministry of Gender Equality and Family,
Ministry of Personal Management
3. Engage citizens in policy making Ministry of the Interior and Safety
4. Allow citizens to participate in budgeting to enhance fiscal transparency Ministry of Economy and Finance,
Ministry of the Interior and Safety


5. Provide an online system for public institutions to order network equipment that matches their capacity Ministry of Science and ICT
6. Protect whistleblowers Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission
7. Leverage Big Data to address unfair practices in day-to- day life Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission
8. Create a transparent society through collaboration between citizens and government Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission
9. Lay the groundwork for civil society to grow Ministry of the Interior and Safety

Digital Innovation

10. Enhance digital inclusiveness Ministry of Science and ICT
11. Make use of science and digital technologies in tackling issues for local residents Ministry of Science and ICT,
Ministry of the Interior and Safety
12. Disclose data for citizen safety Ministry of the Interior and Safety
13. Make government data accessible and usable for citizens Ministry of the Interior and Safety
14. Increase the disclosure of meeting minutes Ministry of the Interior and Safety
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