Welcome to the 2021 Open Government Partnership (OGP) Global Summit website!

OGP is a unique international partnership launched in 2011 to promote government transparency through government-civil society cooperation. This year is particularly meaningful as OGP celebrates its 10th year anniversary.

As the lead Government Co-chair of OGP, the Republic of Korea will host the 2021 OGP Global Summit in this coming December. Core values of open government, such as openness, transparency, and democracy continue to be the primary goals the world should pursue even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The OGP Global Summit themes will be aligned with the current Co-chair priorities: strengthening civic space and public participation, tackling anti-corruption, and promoting inclusive digital innovation. The Summit will provide a platform where representatives from 78 national members, 76 local governments, international organizations, and civil society organizations come together to share the core values and best practices of open government, and draw on the collective wisdom through international solidarity.

Considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s Summit will take place virtually so that anyone can participate in the event online anywhere from around the world.

We look forward to your keen interest and active participation.

Thank you.

Minister of the Interior and Safety Government of the Republic of Korea Jeon Hae-cheol

Civil Society

As co-chair of the OGP alongside the Korean government, it's with huge pleasure that I welcome you to this year's Open Government Summit. These stand-out annual events have been a forcing house for shared learning and actions down the years, prompting substantive reforms and really pushing the needle on transparency. Today I struggle to think of a time when the need for the world’s governments and civil society to reunite in a joint push for openness was more urgent.

As many of you know, this year is OGP's tenth anniversary. An apt moment to celebrate, for sure, but also a time to take stock, reflect on lessons past, and review ways forward. A decade on from its founding, there is much for the OGP to be proud of, but equally a wealth of pending gaps and unmet priorities. Where and in relation to what has OGP done well or fallen short? What has it learnt and how – and is this being factored in and properly reflected? The summit will see us probe these and other questions key to our future success.

And then there’s the pandemic. Covid has upended so much and with it, at last for the time being, the very thinking around how to nurture good, inclusive, open governance. Has OGP adjusted fast and nimbly enough to this? How can we ensure its current triple-goals of bolstering civic space and participation, digital inclusion and innovation, and anti-corruption stay on track while catering for the newly surfaced dynamics, threats and opportunities?

It's against this extraordinary backdrop that I and others at OGP look forward to seeing and hearing from you at this year's summit. So that we can share and distill perceptions of past achievements or faults, and work together to double down on the open government agenda against all the headwinds and opportunities in between.

Open Government Partnership Civil Society Co-Chair Maria Baron