In 2021, the Korean government and civil society co-chair, Maria Baron,
launched a global call-to-action to urge all OGP members
to co-create and implement ambitious commitments
on civic space and public participation, anti-corruption, and inclusive digital innovation
to tackle the systematic weaknesses in our societies that for too long have held too many back.

Open Renewal represents an inclusive recovery from the pandemic and the creation
of a better world for everyone based on the values of open government.

Civic Space and Public Participation

The fight to strengthen civic freedoms, democratic accountability, access to information,
and all the other structures that allow citizens to participate freely in public life,
has been at the heart of OGP since it launched in 2011.
However, the global pandemic has been affecting these structures for civic space and public participation.

As co-chairs, we would like to encourage OGP member countries to facilitate citizens’ engagement in policy-making,
and pursue recovery from COVID-19 and to prosperity through citizen participation.

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Open budgets, open contracts, and beneficial ownership transparency are vital to ensure stimulus
and safety net funding reaches those most in need. These activities should be global norms in a post-pandemic world.

We would like to ask all OGP leaders to lead the way in strengthening public-civil society partnership
to ensure public money is spent to improve the lives of citizens.

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Inclusive Digital Innovation

Since its founding, OGP has looked to emerging technologies to help open up government.
We intend to build on the progress made thus far and maximize the potential of digital technologies
to further advance democracy, while safeguarding against digital threats.

To this end, we would like to promote inclusive digital innovation to bridge the digital divide
and embrace disadvantaged communities while continuing opening up high-demand public data.

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