Releasing Constaints to Participation: Designing an Accessible Open Government

10:30 - 11:50
Room 215, Shaw Centre

It is a common phenomenon that designing systems and services to include persons with disabilities from the start, reduces costs, leads to greater innovation, and improves the dynamic resilience of the service or system; thereby contributing to the utility and longevity of the design. This international panel of experts will address the opportunities and challenges of inclusively designing Open Government.

Theme: Inclusion

Livestream: No

Open to media: Yes

Organizers: Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Languages available: English, French

Event type: Panel


Victor Pineda: President, World Enabled, USA, Janina Sajka: Chair for Accessible Platform Architectures Workgroup W3C Web Accessibility Initiative, Linux Foundation, USA, Jonas Deister: Managing Director, Sozialhelden e.V., Germany, Cathering Roy: UX and UI Expert, Canada, Yazmine Laroche: Deputy Minister, Public Service Accessibility, Government of Canada

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