Fostering Civic Engagement through Civic Tech and GovTech: Examples from the Field

12:00 - 13:20
Room 207, Shaw Centre

More and more citizens wish to take part in the development of govtech and civic tech. This session will bring together initiatives around the world that have tried to leverage this to make public service delivery more open, both in civil society organizations and in government, at national and local levels. It is aimed at anyone curious about engagement in the fields of civic/govtech, and particularly at those looking to start initiatives in their country or community. To what extent can such initiatives be used to make governments more open, efficient, accountable and inclusive? The goal of the session will be to share lessons from the field and compare approaches, impact, successes and difficulties. The session could lead to a toolkit for people willing to start a civic tech or govtech community and build structures to support them, and to enrich existing resources such as the Civic Tech Field Guide.

Theme: Participation

Livestream: No

Open to media: Yes

Organizers: Etalab - French Prime Minister Services, Open Knowledge Foundation Germany

Languages available: English, French

Event type: Panel


Adriana Groh: Director of Prototype Fund, Open Knowledge Foundation Germany, Germany, Wu Min Hsuan:, Taiwan, Patrick Connolly: Civic Tech Toronto, Canada, Soizic Pénicaud: Open Innovation Officer, Etalab - Government of France, France

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