Walking the Extra Mile: Pushing the Boundaries of Open Government Reforms

13:40 - 15:00
Canada Hall, Shaw Centre

Confronted with newly emerging policy challenges and the pressure to make the business case for open government reforms, countries are increasingly finding new approaches to promote open government principles, including by:
  1. Initiating an ambitious move towards an Open State (e.g. Argentina)
  2. Developing whole-of-government frameworks for Open Government (e.g. Canada)
  3. Making use of open government reforms to address wider policy objectives (e.g. migration, health)
  4. Employing new and innovative tools to engage with their citizens and stakeholders (e.g. France)
The panel will present countries’ efforts to push the boundaries of open government reforms and the impacts that they could and should have. Panel's objectives:
  1. Identify and discuss innovative practices that go beyond traditional open government initiatives
  2. Identify tools and lessons learned in the process of elaborating and elaborating practices that have had important impacts
  3. Inform about the benefits of the adoption of a whole-of-government approach to open government and open state

Theme: Open track

Livestream: Yes

Open to media: Yes

Organizers: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Languages available: English, French, Spanish

Event type: Panel


Alicia Barcena: Executive Secretary, ECLAC, Mark Robinson: Executive Director, EITI, Jairo Acuna-Alfaro: Global Policy Advisor for Governance and Peacebuilding, UNDP, Jose Clastornik: AGESIC, Uruguay, Marcos Bonturi: Director of Public Governance, OECD, France

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