État du PGO en Afrique

15:10 - 16:30
Room 206, Shaw Centre

The objective is to provide an overview of African countries to assess the progress or difficulties encountered in BMP member countries and the situation of non-member countries. Discuss strategies to improve the implementation of commitments in member countries and encourage non-member countries to join.
  1. Senior representatives of African GOP member countries will share their experiences (failures and successes) - Follow-up of Questions/Answers
  2. High representatives of African non-member countries will share the difficulties of accession (political, financial or technological) - Follow-up of Questions/Answers
  3. The panelists come back to make proposals for an improvement or adhesion strategy - Follow-up of Questions/Answers and proposals from participants
  4. If remote participation is possible, we will share the login link in the discussion groups
  5. A hashtag will be created #CAFDOOOGP19.

Theme: Participation

Livestream: No

Open to media: Yes

Organizers: Communauté d'Afrique Francophone des Données Ouvertes (CAFDO)

Languages available: English, French

Event type: Town Hall


Malick TAPSOBA: Président de CAFDO SPEAKERS, Tinto Idriss: Coordonnateur de CAFDO, Burkina Faso, Maurice Thantan: Président de l'Association des Bloggeurs du Bénin, Bénin, Chantal Angoua: Point Focal PGO de la Côte d’Ivoire, Asma Chérifi: Consultante, Point Focal CAFDO, Tunisie, Muchiri Nyaggah: Coordonnateur LDRI, Kenya

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