Open Government and Service Delivery: Are We Missing an Opportunity to Act?

10:30 - 11:50
Room 202, Shaw Centre

There are many challenges and opportunities related to service delivery and open government. The entire life cycle of service delivery —from needs assessment, reengineering, digitalisation and user satisfaction– is intertwined with the open government principles. So, how can we scale up open government to obtain service delivery wins? How can we balance innovation and standardization? This interactive session proposes a series of lightning talks to showcase experiences of open government to strengthen service delivery reforms and results. After a short introduction of the key questions on how to integrate open government into service delivery reforms (and vice versa), we will invite speakers from different regions, countries and sectors, from governments and CSOs, to share their hands-on experiences related to public service delivery and open government. Lightning talks will be used to brainstorm ways to tackle challenges and embrace opportunities and multidisciplinary approaches of implementing open government reforms to enhance public service delivery. Session coordinators will ensure the interaction of the session, and conversation takeaways will be captured through Twitter wall.

Theme: Impact

Livestream: No

Open to media: Yes

Organizers: Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA), OGP IRM Independent Researcher

Languages available: English, French

Event type: Lightning Talks


Florencia Guerzovich: Politeia Group - University of the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil, Goran Jovetic: Government OGP POC, Montenegro, Carolina Cornejo: Government OGP POC, Argentina, Dragana Brajovic: Government OGP POC, Serbia, Gordana Gapikj Dimitrovska: Government OGP POC, North Macedonia, Andrea Casares: Go! Austin, USA, Candra Wijaya: Strategic Management Director, Wahana Visi Indonesia, Indonesia, Goran Pastrovic: Programme Manager at ReSPA, Montenegro

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