Open Government and Women's Rights: Synergies and Opportunities to Advance Both Agendas

15:10 - 16:30
Room 208, Shaw Centre

Using the early findings from its Feminist Open Government research project and touching on the soon to be launched SDG Gender Index, Equal Measures 2030 will make a case for why supporting women's rights and women's voices is good for open government initiatives, and equally how open government approaches can advance gender equality. Utilizing a lightning talk format, EM2030 will convene speakers from across its network - including representatives from its partner organisations in Indonesia and Kenya - to share approaches and lessons learned on both how open government approaches can help to strengthen women's rights and how engaging women's rights organisations can help to advance open government objectives. Speaking to its experience in working with women's rights organisations on data-driven advocacy, EM2030 will share the early findings of their research on Feminist Open Government, provide early insights into the results of its new SDG Gender Index, and share stories of impact on social accountability and budget influencing work.

Theme: Inclusion

Organizers: Equal Measures 2030

Languages available: English, French

Event type: Lightning Talks


Albert Motivans: Head of Data & Insights, Equal Measures 2030, USA, Anne Connell: Senior Data Adviser, Equal Measures 2030, USA, Justin Galatik: Project Lead, KAPAL Perempuan, Indonesia, Jeniffer Kavenge Mutinda: Community Resilience, GROOTS Kenya, Kenya

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