Operationalising Inclusiveness: How Do We Make Sure That National Action Plans Are Participatory and Inclusive?

13:40 - 15:00
Canada Hall, Shaw Centre

A major critique of the National Action Plan co-creation process is in that it gives the most voice to the "usual suspects", the "already-empowered" constituencies, or the "habitually-included" groups. This session will seek to answer the question of how to ensure that National Action Plans are prepared with the widest participation as possible and how to include sectors that have not typically been included by OGP member countries. One such example comes ensuring women’s participation in OGP processes and the inclusion of their priorities and objectives in the OGP agenda. Currently, less than 2% of OGP commitments currently consider gender implications at all. As part of the Feminist Open Government research project, researchers explored the co-creation processes of 13 OGP countries to understand how gender dynamics impact the design of national action plans, and to understand new opportunities to elevate women's voices, and ultimately to drive more inclusive and innovative approaches to opening government. The publication will be shared at the session.

Theme: Inclusion

Livestream: Yes

Open to media: Yes

Organizers: World Wide Web Foundation, International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Open Data for Development Network (OD4D), The Carter Center

Languages available: English, French, Spanish

Event type: Workshop


Laura Neuman: Director, Carter Center, Yanuar Nugroho: Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the President, Indonesia

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