Open Washing: Who Makes It Happen and Can We Stop It?

15:10 - 16:30
Room 207, Shaw Centre

This session aims to better understand the processes behind open washing - when a process, product or data is called “open” responding to a growing desire and commitments to more transparency, accountability, etc. but it isn’t actually open We have identified projects and even the use of OGP as part of open washing in different contexts and with different governments, where governments commit to OGP, build action plans and, on the surface collaborate with civil society on one hand but restrict participation and freedom on the other. The world cafe - facilitated in English, French, and Spanish - will discuss four main questions:
  1. How does a particular context encourage or discourage open washing?
  2. How does openness serve, or not serve, non-technical communities?
  3. How is a lack of openness tied to culture?
  4. What is our role as a civil society organization/infomediary or government to tackle open washing?
We plan to extend the conversation into lessons and possible actions that can prevent and tackle open washing in different contexts.

Theme: Open track

Open to media: Yes

Organizers: Open Knowledge Foundation, Datactivist

Languages available: English, French

Event type: Knowledge Cafe


Cécile Le Guen: Senior Consultant, Datactivist, France, Ana Brandusescu: Data Researcher and Consultant, Independent, UK, Oscar Montiel: International Community Coordinator, Open Knowledge Foundation, Mexico

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