How Can Citizen-Centered Technological Tools Generate More Open, Transparent, and Efficient Public Investment Systems?

13:40 - 15:10
Room 210, Shaw Centre

In this session, we will focus on a practical case to show how technology can enhance the transparency and accountability of public projects: the MapaInversiones initiative. MapaInversiones is an IDB regional initiative aimed at developing high-impact platforms in Latin America and the Caribbean to visualize real-time data about public investment projects. MapaInversiones platforms have already been launched in Costa Rica, Paraguay, Peru, and Colombia, and are being developed in Argentina, Jamaica and the Bahamas. More concretely, we will invite participants and attendants to the session to play a game in order to showcase how the platform presents information in a simple and visual format that:
  1. Allows citizens and civil society to monitor where and how public investment projects are being implemented, and how they can give feedback about those projects
  2. Provides government agencies with quality information to take informed decisions and improve the efficiency of projects

Theme: Open track

Livestream: No

Open to media: Yes

Organizers: Inter-American Development Bank

Languages available: English, French, Spanish

Event type: Experiential Learning


Ania Calderon: Director, Open Data Charter, UK, Pedro Uribe: Director of government for Latin America and the Caribbean, Microsoft, USA, Francisco Tula Martínez: Director of Public Investments, Costa Rica

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